Monthly Archives: April 2012


The garden space is made up out of whatever I can find around, stuff that came with the house. What a crazy hodgepodge mess the garden is!

But…we had some mesclun and rouge d’hiver on our salads the other night! Lettuces are going like gangbusters in the L-shaped enclosure.

Today I:

1) Enclosed the raspberry patch (left side of first photograph)

2) Weeded intensely in the strawberry patch. You can see all the pretty little white flowers, especially on the lower left of the second photograph)

3) Unmulched the garlic, best seen in the center left of the second photo

4) and used some of that old mulch in a newly prepared space in Heather’s smaller patch for spices and tomatoes, center right of second photo. Tomatoes have been growing inside for over a month and we are just about ready!