The larger garden begins – March 4th, 2009

Garlic was planted late October, 2008 – 32 cloves all together. Two varieties were planted: Polish Jen and Asian Tempest, both hardneck. The Asian Tempest are notably smaller than the Polish Jen, less meaty, and I think they are very slightly hotter, more focused…but to get you oriented first, here is the “long patch,” running from the north (near you, where the garlic is fenced) to south (towards the carport). This garden is about 7.5 feet wide X 39 feet long:

Layout - this is the "long patch."

OK, and here is the unfinished “small patch,” a rectangle about 8 feet X 9 feet.

I’m still trying to kill grass, mix and enrich the soil here.

Small patch

And here is the garlic, up close and personal. There were 4 rows of 8 cloves planted, but I’m not sure how easily you can see them here. In addition, perhaps only 26 or so out of 32 were up on March 4th.



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