(Very) short story time: When did you know you would become a scientist?

For me, there were a million moments, but many of them were spent listening to this record album.


If you google this record (long enough) or find it in a record store, you’ll see the wealth of detail it has. I felt weird sensations as I listened to this as a kid, like I was right there observing. The recordings inside the den are just fascinating. The long player came out in 1971; it did serious battle on the turntable against my older sisters’ Led Zeppelin and Carole King.

I was seven years old. 

There is a blurb here…

Any stories from you? Anybody know this record?


6 responses to “(Very) short story time: When did you know you would become a scientist?

  1. Don’t know the record – sounds cool though. For me, I always liked science, but it was just a bunch of classes really until I got my hands on it. One part was a physics teacher in high school who was always coming up with crazy and fun experiments. I had a blast in that class, even though I knew physics wasn’t my thing.

    I got really into science in college, when I started working in a lab at the end of my sophomore year. At that time, I was interested in neurodegenerative disease, so I started working in Erik Floor’s lab at KU, looking at biochemical mechanisms/correlates of such diseases. Erik is one of the nicest, most decent human beings I’ve known. He was really good about steering me towards the right general questions in my research, and then leaving me alone to figure it out. He also trusted me quite a bit – I’d tell him I needed x or y reagent for something I’d dreamed up – and he’d order it, no questions asked. This of course resulted in some mistakes, but I learned a lot.

    So for me it wasn’t really a certain book or experience, but rather a really good mentoring experience.

  2. So, grant, are you planning on propogating that mentoring you received?

  3. Well. During college, while I was studying for a computer science major, one of my friends needed some help with a passage from ‘An Anatomy of Human Destructivity’ by Eric Fromm as part of his coursework. He asked me to make some sense of that passage, and I ended up reading the whole book. After that I knew that Psychology was the science for me. Surprisingly, I did’nt take a single psychology course during my college years, so I’m a pure self-taught psychologist!!

  4. Propogating the mentoring? Yeah, that’s a great thing to aspire to assuming I teach for a living, but I’m far from dead-set on that. I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do with my life at the moment; it changes day to day. I don’t know where I’ll end up, which makes me somewhat uneasy, but also excited!

  5. I didn’t go into science, but I chose my major at about three.

  6. I actually own that record! What I don’t have anymore is a turntable.

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