I urge every college student and faculty member reading this to…

consult seriously the new AAUP report reviewed by the Chronicle on gender equity. The blurb is located here, and that link includes free .pdf access to the original article and extensive appendices. Essentially the writers formed four indices after looking at the extent to which men and women differ in the following professional ways…


  • The proportion of full-time faculty members who are female. Nationally, the report says, women constituted just 39 percent of full-time professors in the 2005-6 academic year, while making up 48 percent of the part-timers. The situation represents an inequity, the report says, because part-time positions typically pay less and have little job security.
  • The percentage of women within the tenured and tenure-track ranks. Women, it says, held 44.8 percent of tenure-track positions in 2005-6, and only 31 percent of the tenured positions.
  • The proportion of women who are full professors. The report says that at all types of institutions in 2005-6, women held on average just 24 percent of full professorships.
  • The average salary of female faculty members compared with males. In 2005-6, says the report, female professors earned on average just 81 percent of what men earned.

So far, I’ve seen no Scienceblogging on this report! For cryin’ out loud this is the American Association of University Professors doing the work, and the report was issued last week — where is the chatter?

I’ve been looking at comparative data in great detail within the document; over 1400 colleges and universities were surveyed! My plan, and I’ve already begun collating the data, is to send an email to my entire faculty (not a one has commented yet, and the report was reported this morning) letting them know where we stand in our niche (Baccalaureate IIB). I’ll include data from a selected cohort of “peers and peer aspirant” schools. Why not send a message about how well, or how poorly, we are doing in our neck of the woods in gender equity in access to tenure-track and tenured positions and to an equitable salary?

How about it? Are you with me? Will you send the same email for your colleagues to consider? Or are ya yellah?


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