Waaaay back: The Gym at the Memory Disorders Research Center, Boston, 1995-1997

I think of some of these MDRC coworkers and wonder where they are (or, if I know where they are, how they are doing — post a comment!).

Adele Hutchinson: Adele worked for the Aphasia Center, and I’m sure she went to grad school at Wayne State.

David Nugent: Always a deep interest in film, and it looks like he is exercising the love

Bonnie Wong: Bonnie published with members of the MDRC more than any of us. I can’t find her now…

Cate Brawn Fortier: Wow, I tell stories to students of Cate “the airpuff machine lady” and how the amnesic patients could remember her…Can’t find her now.

On another note from that era, a few of our patients were profiled in a 20/20 episode originally aired in 1997 called “Yesterday’s Gone”.  A long time ago now I lost my tape of the episode, so over the past year I’ve twice requested a copy from ABC, from the department specifically charged with providing old programs. They cannot fulfill my request! What incompetence! Arrrgggghhh….


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